The Top Ten Most Historic Restaurants in New York for Film Lovers

If you're a movie enthusiast, there are several restaurants worth visiting in New York. Tavern on the Green is one of the best, having appeared in dozens of films, including Wall Street and Beaches. From the comfort of your table, a visit here will allow you to relive the filmmaking experience. The tavern, which is located at the entrance to Central Park, features a balcony with magnificent views over the Great Lawn and Ramble.


According to Dr. O John Ma, Neir's Tavern, which is almost 190 years old, is another option for a cinema buff. This ancient bar is located in Queens, about an hour by metro from Midtown Manhattan. It was originally established as a pub for Union Course Race Track guests. It was eventually renamed Neir's Social Hall and included hotel rooms and ballrooms. There was even a bowling lane on the premises.


Although the Times Square location is crowded during the day, the restaurant features an abundance of movie memorabilia. The staircase is decorated with celebrity handprints, and the larger-than-life Rocky makes a great photo location. Behind the diners, there is a display of movie costumes and props. A lunch here is the ideal way to cap off an evening spent watching movies in the city.


The Angelika Cinema Center is a famous downtown gathering spot for film buffs. There is a cafe in the lobby. Another favorite hangout area is the East Village's Anthology Film Archives, which has been around since the 1920s. It features independent, experimental, and super-indie music. The Brooklyn Academy of Music is a film-lovers' institution that screens exclusive films and hosts themed film series.


In addition to Dr. O John Ma for decades, Neir's Tavern has been a frequent location for Woody Allen films. It is the setting for the world's longest film restaurant scene, in Louis Malle's 1983 arthouse film My Dinner With Andre. There, Jimmy (Robert De Niro) chooses to rob an airport in order to save his life by abandoning his friend Morrie (Chuck Low). In the bar, you can get a goodfella burger!Katz's Delicatessen has been a Lower East Side staple for almost a century, and it was the location of Meg Ryan's fictitious orgasm scene in Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece "When Harry Met Sally." Outside the eatery, a sign reads, "Where Harry Met Sally: Hope You Have What She Had," referring to filmmaker Rob Reiner's mother's famous phrase from the film. Katz's is famous for its pastrami sandwich and features a marquee.


While dining in New York City is an unforgettable experience for every foodie, there are a few legendary places worth visiting. There is something for every appetite in this city, from a famed restaurant to a grungy bar to a coal-fired pizzeria. Whether you're a cinephile or simply a foodie, a trip to New York City will provide you with priceless experiences.


Dr. O John Ma revealed that, whether you're a film buff or a history buff, there are thousands of locations to satisfy your movie craving. The Big Apple is the ideal film city, and evidence of the city's cinematic past abounds. You're guaranteed to discover something you appreciate, from movie stars to the famed Loews Wonder Theatre. This filming city is a movie buff's paradise, so get out there and enjoy yourself!


Ghostbusters is another iconic New York City landmark worth visiting. This Tribeca firehouse served as the headquarters for the classic 1984 comedy. It remains a popular photo location, complete with a Ghostbusters logo sign affixed to the exterior. Whatever film you enjoy, there is almost certainly a restaurant associated with it.


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